• AS A LEGAL SHIELD ASSOCIATE, I sign you up to become a member of Legal Shield so you can have their services.

    LEGAL  SHIELD  OFFERS   MANY   SERVICES.    CONTACT US BY EMAIL  AT  bevmall@hotmail.com so we can answer any questions you may have and  so we can  give you  more  details.  My name is  Beverly  Sanders.  We sell to all of USA and some in canada and the united kingdom.  For as  little as  $24.95 per month you have coverage for a single person or for a family with  two adults and dependent children at 49.95.  No where can you  find this level of peace of mind for this tiny amount of money for such high quality lawyers who will  serve  you.  These are some of the coverages you get for that money.  1.  Advice on unlimited personal issues like is it advisible to rent vehicle verses buy a one for personal use or business use.  2.  Letters and phone calls on your behalf like for talking to a merchant who refuses to honor his return policy.  3, Letters to friends, business owners or federal, state or county governments when they refuse to follow their own policy on money type matters like taxes or other payment issues.  4.  Prepare a standard will for your and/or a power of attorney for health and financials.  5. Represent you in moving violations including going to traffic court for you to get the fine reduced or points removed. 6.   Review certain documents that you need like mortgage documents, or leases or rental agreements etc.  7.   Review of other loan documents.  8.  Will process uncontested name changes, adoptions, separation or annulment.  And uncontested divorce.  9.  They will assist with IRS audits based on returns due on the 4/15/? general due date.  10.  They will provide trial defense for a set number of hours before then charging at a discounted rate. 11.  They will help you fix your credit record.   And,  many, many more things that come up in our everyday life.   It is too  complicated for you to try to settle  these matters.  Let our lawyers give you a bullet-proof position in your matters.  EMAIL (address shown above) US SO WE CAN  send you our list of 100 uses of Legal Shield and to SIGN YOU UP TODAY.) We also are hiring nation-wide for Associates like me.  Email me today or call so you can get started no matter where you live in USA, CANADA OR UNITED KINGDOM.  Part-time or full-time work available.